Digital Eskimo (old location)

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NOTE: Digital Eskimo has now moved offices. You can check out their latest digs and contact info by clicking here.

Agency Name
Digital Eskimo

Level 4, 16 Foster Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Sydney, Australia


Agency Contact
Dave Gravina / Founder, Creative Director /

Agency Type
Arts, Human Rights (inc workers rights), Independent Media, Environmental NGOs and Sustainable Corporates, Telecommunications and Medical Research

Agency Specialties
Our design “specialty” is ‘Considered Design’. We apply strategic thinking, tactical research and thoughtful design to projects we consider to be progressing humanity towards a nurturing (more than sustainable!) way of being.

Interior Designer
[in house]

We think our studio is very special not just because it looks cool but because everything in it is carefully considered and has a story. We only purchase new items that are made from sustainable material (like our bamboo desks, Hermann Miller Mirra Chairs and the Vestfrost fridge which is the world’s most efficient), we try to buy second-hand whenever possible (designer pieces where possible of course, usually from our friend Ken Neale at 20th Century Modern) or more unusual pieces such as our ex-surgery task lights and ex-airline trolleys for storage) or simply do without (no planet-killing air-con/heating system or foosball tables here!)

We go with natural light and water based paint for our walls and bee waxed desks throughout to reduce toxicity (heaps of plants help too!) and even have a worm farm to minimise our waste. Our company bike fleet coupled with GoGet car share service means none of our employees drive to work. Finally, we try to remember that a studio is more than just the physical space, it’s about the people; which is why we do in-studio yoga and apply a chunky well-being budget each month to employee happiness (eat your heart out Bhutan!).

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