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Springbox / 708 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701, USA


Contact. info@springbox.com

Words. Springbox is a full-service interactive marketing firm that produces best-in-class digital solutions for some of the world’s most successful brands. We’ve built interactive experiences for AMD, Callaway Golf, Dell, Disney, LG, General Electric, Toyota and many others.

For us, a well-designed office space means happy employees, and happy employees create the best work. With a pool table, shuffleboard table, showers, washer/dryer and other amenities on site for our employees, they can be comfortable at work, enjoy their time here and have the freedom to explore their professional and personal passions.

Our office design draws from two sources of inspiration: the space itself and the Springbox brand.

Springbox is housed in two downtown Austin buildings that were built in the 1870s, which we connected during one of our many expansions. In their time, the limestone walls have withstood a variety of different guests, including the Austin chamber of commerce, an art gallery, boutique retail stores and, most recently, Johnny Knoxville. Our interior designer, Tamie Glass wanted to evolve the aesthetic of the space while staying true to existing design elements – the bare stone, brick walls and wood floors. The original elements combined with sleek, modern accents give us a history to build on and a future to look forward to.

Knowing that an office space gives everyone who walks through the doors visual cues about the company and the people who work there, we also wanted to make sure that the space matched our brand. The modern décor, the carpet tiles patterns that allude to pixels, splashes of our trademark orange on the walls and the distinct absence of cubicles let our visitors, clients and employees know that Springbox and our work is open, creative and innovative.

Specialties. App Development. Innovation. Interactive Campaigns. Viral Marketing. Web Campaigns

Interior. Tamie Glass (Idr Studio Inc)

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5 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Jen

    Great looking office space!

  2. Larry Webster

    I have been a designer for over 25 years and rarely comment on other designer’s work, but either this is a joke project, the photographer should be fired, or the definition of “happy” has a different meaning in Texas! I have to say that these photos make this office appear like one of the most depressing places on earth, to work at. Nothing about this office says creative or innovative…it says we had some old crap laying around that we re-painted, got a good deal on some carpet tile left-overs, and don’t know how to properly light a space. I hope that it’s just bad photography and not bad design.

  3. Dave

    Well Larry,

    Its best you don’t comment on stuff in the future. Perhaps the most depressing thing on this page is your comment.

  4. Larry you only see half the picture. The photographer only had a budget for 2 hours so he tried to make the most of it. The interior designer was a little pre-occupied being an assistant professor at Texas School of Architecture so she just did not have time to do a decent job either.

    Question is, did Springbox not have the funds to let these people do their job or were they the one left out in the cold…..

  5. M_Austin

    Hi Larry,

    As an employee of Springbox, we love our open and modern space. We’re a digital shop, so actually the carpet tiles are a reference to pixels. Also worth noting, we’re in a historical building that was built pre 1850’s. We really enjoyed creating a space that balances the integrity of the site while adding modern touches.

    Agreed that pictures don’t do our space or culture justice. Nothing beats being right on Congress Avenue in the heart of Austin, TX with wonderful sights, restaurants, music and people nearby. Too bad we didn’t get to include pictures of some of the office pets that hang out on Fridays though!

    Take care,


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