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Campaign Monitor / 404/3-5 Stapleton Ave, Sutherland NSW 2232, Sydney, Australia


Words. Campaign Monitor is a small software company right near the beach in southern Sydney. We build email marketing software for designers and their clients and are lucky enough to have lots of passionate customers.

In our experience, the ideal office environment is about finding the right balance between socializing and getting stuff done. Too much of one or the other has its downsides, but there are some fundamentals you can put in place to help get that balance right. It should be easy for everyone to remove any distractions, put their head down and get into the zone. Just as importantly, they should be able to take a break, hang out with other members of the team and generally switch off.

To make this happen, we teamed up with the same architects who designed our last office and gave them this simple brief:

1. Closed offices for everyone.
2. Large dining area where we can all eat lunch together.
3. Enough space to cater for our ping pong obsession.

After a few iterations the new design really took shape. The architect came up with the idea of having a huge open area right down the middle of the space containing the kitchen, dining, library, gaming area and lounges. Flowing either side of this open space would be two corridors of offices. They managed to fit 40 private offices into the new design, more than enough for the 20 staff in our Sydney office with plenty of room to grow.

For us, private offices were non-negotiable. Over the years we’ve had fully open plan, only offices and a combination of both. In our experience, closable offices for each team member are by far the best configuration for a software company.

At Campaign Monitor we have a simple rule: If my door is shut, don’t interrupt me.

It’s common sense anyway, but making this clear to everyone has made a big difference. If you want to get stuff done, shut the door and you won’t be bothered.

To read more about Campaign Monitor’s approach to their interior design – see their full blog post here.

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