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BrandBase / Brouwersgracht 249, 1013 HE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Contact. Marvin Pupping / Creative Director /

Words. The new office interior has been entirely built from disposable wood; wooden pallets, to be more precise. Green, smart and economical!

Creative Director Marvin Pupping is the main engine behind this idea: “With this interior, we actually try to demonstrate the way we handle our projects. Maximum success with minimal means. We are always searching for smart, innovative and most of all creative solutions.” In fact it’s amazing that this has never been done before, since pallets turn out to be ideal material for construction and stacking.

Architects Paul Geurts and Saxon-Lear Duckworth both consider pallets to be perfect construction material as well. “When stacking the pallets, we could perfectly adjust to the human scale every single time, which means that as a user you can sit down, lay down and stand wherever you like. MOST Architecture designed a playground for creative people, using more than 270 pallets.

The whole proces was archived on Facebook:

About Brandbase
Brandbase specialises in exceptional projects, mainly around Brand Activation. This is the integration of all available communication means into a creative platform to activate consumers. In other words: advertising new style. Putting a brand in the spotlights, using all means in the most creative and innovative way possible. This is what Brandbase does, mainly for multinationals like Shell, ING, Schiphol and Friesland Campina.

Specialties. Integrated Communications

Architects. Paul Geurts, Saxon-Lear Duckworth

Interior. Marvin Pupping

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