TBWA (Indonesia)

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TBWA / Mulia Business Park, Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. 58-60, Jakarta, 12780 Indonesia


Contact. info@tbwa.com

Words. The new office is re-using almost everything from the old one. Including furniture, doors, chairs, etc. And for additional new items, we are using reclaimed and used materials. We succeeded in using almost 90% of old and reclaimed items for the furniture, 20% reclaimed material for the floor, 30% reclaimed material for the walls.

Specialties. Advertising. Consultancy. Events. Strategy

Interior. Ayi Asmoro

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  1. What an impressing concept! The best place to dig crazy creative plans..

  2. zoelcholid

    Fantastic Office with Bemo inside…

  3. William

    cool and relaxing concept, love it….

  4. Farah Mangun

    WOW!!! What an uber cute interior!!!

  5. yustan

    weeeh.. kuerreeen..

    siap-siap di datengin ank jurusan komunikasi UGM yo…

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