JoussenKarliczek GmbH

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JoussenKarliczek GmbH / 6/1 Weilerstrasse, 73614 Schorndorf, Germany


Words. Our advertising agency is located in a 150 year old brick building that was a leather tannery beforehand.

When we started the process we dreamed of a workspace that is both functional and effective. A working area as well as a “home” for our customers, our team and us. We wanted to create an inspiring oasis, a decent metaphor that represents our attitude, our view of design simplicity and style. A place that transports concentration as well as sociability, professionalism as well as a down-to-earth-spirit.

The office has a distinctive area for clients and another area for the team. These two zones are “embraced” by two very relaxed areas: the lounge with an open fireplace, a foosball table and relaxing sofas on the one side and the kitchen with the big table, 16 chairs and 40 lamps on the other side. The mixture of these zones creates a great balance of work and leisure and makes the office a very livable place.

In addition to the classical desk setup in groups of six the office provides a lot of areas and corners where people can meet more or less “formal”. Talking and brainstorming together is something you can do perfectly in our rooms.

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Specialties. Creative Campaigns. Corporate Design. Web Design. Print. Graphic Design. Branding. Marketing. Consultancy

Architects. Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH

Interior. Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH

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  1. Always a pleasure to work with these guys! 😉
    Like the agency. Like the people. Like the table soccer 😀


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