Plan B

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Plan B / 116 W. Illinois St, Suite 2W, Chicago, IL 60654, USA


Words. We specialize in developing highly personalized, dynamically monitored, multi-channel marketing programs that deliver intimate brand experiences that promote engagement, generate trial and develop loyalty through true brand connection. All of our services are available, unbundled and on-demand.

We offer a true balance of expertise in both traditional and technology-based marketing services.

We’re not just on all the same floor. We’re all on the same page. And with a strong west coast presence we’re a perfect fit for all those regional and national level clients that routinely get the small fish in a big pond treatment in the mega holding-company agency networks. And our full-service on-demand compensation model makes getting started easy.

Plan B is a ‘Big Idea’ factory. For us, the ‘Big Idea’ describes that magic key to developing deep, long-term relationships between a brand and its customers, and it’s more relevant than ever – as consumers now participate in creating brand messages and express themselves to and through the brands that resonate with them. Humans are drawn to, join, participate in and seek to affect Big Ideas.

Still, the Big Idea is never bound by its medium – it solidifies the soul of a brand in a simple, sincere and satisfying manner that strengthens that ‘brand-bond’ in layers that interconnect and fortify each other.

Specialties. Advertising. Direct Mail. eMarketing. Interactive Campaigns. Print. Search Marketing. SEO. Strategy. Web Design. Web Development

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