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Fnuky / Level 1, 13-17 Featherstone Place, Adelaide SA, Australia


Contact. David Campbell / Creative Director / david@fnuky.com.au

Words. Set at the end of Featherstone Place, a private lane that is covered in vines, are the new offices of Fnuky.

The interior design was inspired by Australian television series, Satisfaction, a show set in a high-class inner city brothel.

The office features an original 1890’s Victorian chaise, 5 chandeliers, gold relaxation booths and a fully stocked bar.

Who are Fnuky?

In a world where traditional media consumption is falling, we bring bring new opportunities. In a country where people don’t like listening, we get people talking. And in a city where traditional ads are the norm, we are the exception.

Fnuky is not just another advertising agency. What we are is an alternative.

Specialties. Advertising. Integrated Communications. Interactive Campaigns

Interior. Christine Rogers

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Street view.

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  1. Im designer.

    lol wtf, what was that?

  2. Dara Kilicoglu

    Free entrance before 10am.

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