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3 Advertising / 1550 Mercantile Ave, NE, Second Floor, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107, USA


Contact. Tim McGrath / Partner / tmcgrath@3advertising.com

Words. 3 is a full-service advertising and design firm. We’re based in Albuquerque with clients from around the U.S.

We have years of experience developing strategies and creating compelling, effective work for a variety of clients in just about every category.

We’re easy to work with. We love helping companies succeed. And we’re always up for a challenge.

From Baker Architecture + Design
We developed a concept that captured the energy of 3 and provided a fun and creative work environment while still providing the essential functions that a corporate office needs. We provided each office a unique feeling of both privacy and openness. To achieve this we used removable translucent panels in a series of three different configurations in order to give a hierarchy and rhythm to the overall space. Common open spaces like the Print Shop and Production Area were provided a sense of importance with the use of wood screen walls or ceilings. This allows light to filter through while still maintaining a visual presence. We accelerated the construction schedule because a great deal of the project was fabricated off site then simply brought to the site and installed.

Specialties. Advertising

Architects. Baker Architecture + Design

Interior. Baker Architecture + Design

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