IN10 Communications

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IN10 Communication / Kratonkade 7, 3024 ES Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Contact. Arno Wolterman / Design /

Words. IN10 is a creative company that creates interactive brand communication. Our ambition is to connect people and brands in a relevant matter. We believe that brands should always provide their consumers with meaningful experiences; this is how preference for a brand develops and lasts. Which leads to better results. And positive stories.

Specialties. Integrated Communications. Interactive Campaigns

Interior. Origins Architects

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  1. Laura

    I love the airyness of this place. The use of glass for internal walls is a great choice. The main meeting room with the curved glass is beautful!

  2. Si

    What’s the large open plan desk made of? (photo 3). Is it concrete or wood?

  3. Ha SI,

    The desk is made of wood (underlayment).

    Kind regards,

  4. ivo

    It’s all made of wood and goes all the way till the end of the wall.

  5. Breathtaking

  6. Ivo go back to work 😉

  7. Nel de Kubber


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