Pride & Glory Interactive

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Pride & Glory Interactive / ul. Starowislna 32/6, 31-032 Kraków, Poland

Contact. Piotr Friedberg / Managing Director /

Words. The agency’s head office is located in a historic tenement in the heart of Kraków, in the district of Kazimierz. The space here was to be as functional as possible, but the aim was also to maintain a light atmosphere in each room.

Original woodwork and parquet floor were therefore retained. Big crystal chandeliers were installed to highlight the classic character of the place. The interior is decorated in bright colours: shades of white and grey are dominant. The whole space is spiced up by framed credentials with a cartoon quality.

At the door, we are greeted by a huge steel wall clock, perfectly matching the black crystal chandelier. Moving on, we find ourselves in one of the three rooms. It is simple and dominated by shades of white; there are box shelves and modern desks. Elements of green add life to this predesigned monotony.

The main element of the conference room that really stands out is a big white table. A sizeable crystal chandelier is another characteristic feature of this room.

The kitchen is no less important, as aromatic coffee is prepared here each morning. The room has been decorated with fresh fruit and herbs, essential for making breakfast every Monday.

In short – we managed to create a friendly workplace, beginning with its location in the Old Town, through achieving lightness and originality in a classic tenement interior.

Specialties. 3D Modelling. Advertising. Animation. Branding. eMarketing. Flash. Graphic Design. Interactive Campaigns. Motion Design. Strategy. Web Campaigns. Web Design. Web Development

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