Creneau International

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Creneau International / Hellebeemden 13, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium


Words. We are a Belgian concept and design consultancy and have more then 19 years of experience in realizing highly reputable projects worldwide. With offices in Hasselt and Dubai, representation in Sydney, Prague and Kiev and a production plant in Jakarta, CI is exploring its boundaries every day. The total team of Creneau International exists of 60 team members ( Hasselt, Dubai, Sydney, Prague and Kiev).

That’s the corporate side, but what does it mean? The house logo featuring two winged monkeys and the baseline ‘Hac itur ad astra’, gives a pretty good idea: CI makes you reach for the stars. Through our design concepts, including interior design and brand image to graphic creations, our ‘ideas of the anti-ordinary’ are stamped on the imagination of global visual communication below the line.

Modeling the intangible and transforming the tangible, that’s our working domain. As atmosphere architects we thrust our way into your environment and transform your brand values and company’s mission statement, into a total design concept.

Specialties. Branding. Graphic Design. Interior Design. Photography. Retail Design. Signage. Strategy

Interior. Creneau Atmosphere Architects

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