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Bloom Project / Widenmayerstrasse 38, 80538 Munich, Germany

Contact. Steff Neukam / Partner /

Words. The 16th of June 1904 was just a normal day, yet it went down in world literature as being very special. On this day, from eight in the morning on, Leopold Bloom breathes in the air of the city of Dublin and the reader learns what he does, who he meets, what he thinks – Ulysses, James Joyce’s novel of the century, was born.

Of seeming unimportance is the fact that Bloom was responsible for acquiring the advertisements for the Freeman and thus became the first advertising expert in world literature. Leopold Bloom experiences this modern odyssey with the eyes of an advertising expert. The world opens before him – the posters, the window displays and the ads in newspapers.

Throughout the novel, he remains true to himself, staying in the world of advertising and producing myths for our modern society.

Exactly 100 years later, the Bloom Project Agency opened its doors in Munich – in order to rewrite these myths of modern times.

Specialties. Advertising. Branding. Consultancy. Corporate Design. Direct Mail. eMarketing. Flash. Graphic Design. Integrated Communications. Interactive Campaigns. Packaging. Photography. Planning. Print. Retail Design. Strategy. Viral Marketing. Web Campaigns. Web Design. Web Development

Architects. Tulp

Interior. Michael Zanin, Alex Striegl, Maik Schober

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  1. That slide table is such an awesome idea!! Does it make a mosaic, too? It’s hard to tell, but it almost seems like the lit slides makes a face or something.

  2. Totally agree with Merrick that the slide table w/ magnify glass is an awesome idea!!! The slide wall is cool too. There’s an endless source of inspiration right there…

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