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NGAGE / 411 N, 10th St, Ste, 300, St. Louis, MO 63101, USA


Words. St. Louis-based digital advertising and marketing agency NGAGE has moved its headquarters to the newly restored 411 Building in the heart of Downtown St. Louis as the building’s first occupant. Known as the Farm and Home Savings and Loan Building, 411 10th Street is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Developed by LoftWorks after sitting empty for 10 years, it is now St. Louis’ “greenest” building, striving to achieve LEED Gold level certification. In keeping with these standards, everything in NGAGE’s new office space is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“From the HV/AC to the lighting, to the flooring and the use of water and paper, our office will follow the LEED standards,” says NGAGE president Dan Curran. The company plans to become virtually paperless and will even seek like-minded clients and use “green” vendors to score additional LEED points.

The building has an on-site recycling program and will even feature a “green” vegetative roof covered in square pans of succulent plants that require little care and absorb storm water runoff. Reflective material under the vegetation reflects sunlight, making the building more energy efficient.

Bike storage, on-site showers and participation in the WeCar vehicle share program will encourage employees to ride to work rather than driving. WeCar is a program offered through Enterprise Rent-a-Car in which nine cars, all hybrids, are parked in designated spots scattered throughout downtown. For a small annual fee, members receive a key fob to allow them access to rent the vehicles by the hour, perfect for employees who are biking or using mass transit who have occasional meetings out of the office.

Everything about NGAGE’s new office space in the 411 indicates that it is an agency for a new age – and it looks more like an Apple store than the set of “Mad Men.” Most employees use laptops and iPhones. Closed-in offices are eschewed for more open and shared spaces that foster collaboration and creativity.

“The space feels like we do, very optimistic,” Curran says. “It’s completely in sync with our business model.”

NGAGE’s work philosophy pairs strong principles and employee dedication with unique perks designed to spark a creative, innovative and fun workplace environment. Such perks include work from home days once a month, half-day Fridays in the summer, a DJ program and a budget for flip-flops. The company even closes early on opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals.

“We’re not tied to the traditional idea of an office or agency,” says Curran. “For us, the model is always changing, anticipating what’s next.”

Specialties. Advertising. Branding. Search Marketing. Viral Marketing. Web Campaigns

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  1. So, I might be partial because I work here but this space is pretty awesome, especially in a time when few are re-imagining their workplace and work space in St. Louis.

    This is a LEED Certified Gold building, which means it is highly energy efficient and sustainably designed with high standards for flooring, insulation, recycled interior elements and appliances with efficient energy settings. Also, we are trying our best as a digital agency to maintain that level of Eco friendliness in our day to day lives, and have become virtually paper free.

    Also, every detail of this space was designed to be functionally, ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing to the employees and clients that come in. With collaboration spaces throughout, we are free to work together in a creatively supported atmosphere, but our private workspace allows us the the intimacy of a private office where work, music and frustration can be unleashed without bothering others, or being bothered.

    Lastly our entry way is baller, and somehow the photo is missing here. You can check it and more photos of the space at my blog:

    Check it out, or come by sometime if you’d like to see for yourself.

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