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Innvire / Overschieseweg 35c II, 3044 EE Rotterdam, Netherlands

Contact. Eelco Voogd / Director of Spatial Design /

Specialties. Branding. Consultancy. Graphic Design. Industrial Design. Interior Design. Photography. Product Design. Strategy. User Experience

Architects. Van Den Broek (1940)

Interior. Eelco Voogd

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  1. HN

    Not a single workstation or even screens??? Amazingly clean…

  2. There is a photo ‘missing’ – the space is for rent for companies that want to have a workshop, meeting or any kind of collaboration event in our office, when we are not to busy ourselves. We made a ‘mission control’ in a part of the space by elevating the floor 25″ and putting clip-it st gobain glass wall in it, writable panels on the site and storage underneath… that is where the big screens are to do our design work for customers.. See here:

  3. Joe

    How do you do white floors? I’m very curious about what you used on them or your cleaning process…

  4. eelco

    Hi Joe,

    White floors are a luxury.. we coated the concrete with a 1 component PU coating that is used for bridges, oiltankers, etc.. expensive but very durabe stuff.. cleaning is necessary and because the floor is watertight, we have it mopped and vacuumed. But again, it looks cool but takes more cleaning of coffee stains etc.. but it’s worth it 😉

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