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Crowell Advertising, Marketing and PR / 12 S 400 W, Second Floor, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, USA

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Words. The brainchild of one man’s notion that he could do things better, Crowell Advertising has since grown beyond its singular beginnings to become a full-service agency. Now sporting 34 staff members and billing $26 million, Crowell offers creative and production services, public relations, media placement, interactive marketing and at least 68 helping-hands. But who’s counting?

We are. You see, crunching the numbers reminded us exactly why we got into this business in the first place. And it sure wasn’t for crunching numbers. So three years ago Crowell built out the second floor of the historic Union Pacific train depot in downtown Salt Lake City. As Tracy Crowell puts it, “Banana splits are God’s gift to man.” He also said, “You gotta love where you work”, which makes more sense. Part childhood dream, part social experiment, the new space opened up all the possibilities the word “office” threatens to squash.

Turns out we’re not the only ones who love where we work. Thank you for the votes that made us “most popular.” See what’s what at

Specialties. Branding. Corporate Design. Direct Mail. eMarketing. Events. Graphic Design. Industrial Design. Innovation. Integrated Communications. Interactive Campaigns. Packaging. Photography. Planning. Print. Search Marketing. SEO. Signage. Strategy. Viral Marketing. Web Campaigns. Web Design. Web Development

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  1. Lou Gehrig

    You get 5 stars just for putting up with your boss. He’s one ugly and mean old man and he roots for all sorts of losing sports teams!

  2. grumblebunchypants

    Does YOUR mom work here? Mine does! She must be one hip and happenin’ lady.

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