McCann Erickson (London)

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McCann Erickson (London) / 7-11 Herbrand Street, London WC1N 1EX, UK

Words. At McCann Erickson, we believe that people should care as much about their working environment as they do about their home environment, after all most of us spend many more hours of the week at work than at home. Efficiency should be the absolute basic requirement of the places we work – there should be many layers of requirements beyond efficiency, requirements that make the places we work genuinely positive place to be. They should be thoughtful, inspiring, and comforting; they should speak the ethos of the company and the people who work within it; they should be places of interest that spark debate and challenge thought.

Which is why, despite the concrete properties of its structure, our building is constantly in a state of metamorphosis – moving, shifting, changing and growing as we develop as an agency and as a group of people. Most recently we have undergone a project to cover our walls with drawings that embrace how we work together, what we believe in and the style of who we are. By virtue of our building being an art deco multi-story car park, we had some amazing spaces to fill with drawings – acres of wall spaces and high ceilings, four floors of spiralling ramps, and a 50 foot light filled atrium. And fill we have; the drawings have gone everywhere from the greatest heights to the darkest corners. They have transformed the building into a place where even a short walk
to the coffee machine becomes an event. People appreciate, laugh and talk together more than they did before, and we take think that is a brilliant thing.

Specialties. Advertising

Architects. McCann Erickson

Interior. Brian Fraser and Simon Learman (Executive Creative Directors), Harry Malt (Illustrator)

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