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Agency Name

Avenida Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio, 4980, São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Agency Contact
Edmur Celice / Press Manager /

Agency Type

Agency Specialty

Interior Designer
Thiago Bernardes /

One of the most significant artists of the Post-war age and the one who changed the course of modernist sculpture, Donald Judd (1928-1994) was the inspiration for a new project by Brazilian architect Thiago Bernardes, from the offices of Bernardes & Jacobsen.

Bernardes’ work on the interior of the new six-storey building for MPM Propaganda uses iconographic and aesthetic references from Judd, and explores the space, the simplicity of form and an explicit vision of how light flows and reflects on the internal and external surfaces of his pieces. The result is a modern and bare interior, all made in freijo wood, creating an inherent environment without metaphoric intentions. Bernardes also designed all the furnishings for the agency: “We sought in all the details an environment that enhances the space, the details, the transparency and the luminosity. The result is a modern agency, of the future” states the architect.

The Brigadeiro II Project, a ‘Built to Suit’ solution developed by Bueno Netto especially for MPM, covers an area of 4,850 m2, where functionality and high technology are the key points: high-speed elevators, central air conditioning, emergency generators, elevated flooring, drop ceilings and a complete telecommunications system.

The new MPM Propaganda building is located in São Paulo, the largest financial center in Brazil.

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  1. michael

    how tacky. looks like a hotel lobby, or a conventions center.

  2. Ryan

    Not enough space given to the designers, particularly compared to all the wasted space elsewhere. Why cramp the workers?

  3. Luis

    Tacky does not begin to describe it. Guess they did not bother to look at the name of the site. This is a disco.

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