The Happy Corp

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NOTE: The Happy Corp has now moved offices. You can check out their latest digs and contact info by clicking here.

Agency Name
The Happy Corp

56 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, USA


Agency Contact
Doug Jaeger / Founder, CEO /

Agency Type
Full Service

Agency Specialties
3d modeling. Branding. Consultancy. Design. Digital. DVD Authoring. Events. Interface Design. E-commerce. Flash Development. Marketing. Motion Design. Packaging Design. Publication Design. Strategy. Video Production. Web Design. Web Development

Interior Designer
Doug Jaeger /

The office started in november 2003. Since then we have been adding desks as we have grown, we have 25 positions. Both Company Partners have lived in the space. Two girls friends have as well. Even my brother. We just signed a lease on a new space. We move in August 01 at the latest.

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  1. Dan

    Doug, dude, you misspelled your URL.

  2. Were the girlfriends on staff?

  1. The Happy Corp - Aug 4th, 2008

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