The Hive Cooperative

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Agency Name
The Hive Cooperative

2401, 15th Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202, America


Agency Contact
Andrew Luter / Founder

Agency Type
Co-working Space

Agency Specialty
Co-Working Facilities

Interior Designer
Margo Simmons

Joe Simmons, Blue Sky Studio

The Hive is a collaborative co-working facility that provides many of the ad-hoc benefits of the modern Internet-cafe, with the professional working environment and community aspects of a more traditional office. The Hive environment includes a cafe lounge area for socializing and ad-hoc collaboration, open plan office pods for 25 community members, a modern conference room and a quiet room for those who wish to work in silence, or just relax on a bean bag and contemplate the universe.

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  1. Zara

    Great idea. Great space. Co-Working spaces are definitely one of the next big things.

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