Naked Communications (Australia)

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Agency Name
Naked Communications

5th Floor, 2-12 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia


Agency Type
Marketing Communications

Interior Designer
Nicholas & Alexandra /

Set in the slums of Surry Hills, Sydney, Naked Australia is carrying on the proud traditions of its British father. Since storming onto the Australia communications scene in September 2004, the agency has managed to locate (and employ) the majority of brilliant misfits working in the Australia communications industry. Surprisingly this absurd recruitment strategy has paid off and the agency is producing ground breaking work for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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  1. 4fingers

    Get stuck into a few at the bar and get one of the lovely staff members who are as plush as the velvet wallpaper to give you a guided tour ending up in the sound proof room. It’s an experience I’m not likely to forget. I think it snowed that night in the hall, or was that the jack daniels talking. Get these guys as your agency and spank that bar asap.

  2. Jessy

    Who is the designer, its hot!

  3. Bobby Brown

    Been there, seen it, love it.

    All I can say is that if I were an office I would want to be this office.

  4. Chris

    I am very disappointed to hear that the “scam” with Witchery and “Heidi” was a fake, fraud..I watched on 7 Sunrise and now this…I was going to recommend your organisation for a campaign…..not now

  5. Toby

    HA! Are you serious Chris? 1. Did you not think that it was a fake when you first saw it? (Was I the only one)? 2. Even though I thought it, when it was revealed I was still pleastantly surprised. How can you get umpty about that campaign? If I knew Naked did that campaign (which I didn’t, but do now having read your comment) – I’d definitely be recommending them! It’s been all over the tv, web and press. Last time I checked, that’s a pretty effective campaign.

    Good work boys n girls!

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