Clear Blue Day

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Agency Name
Clear Blue Day

Level 3, 2 Lacey Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia


Agency Contact
Tara Lloyd / Office Manager /

Agency Type

Agency Specialties
Web Design. Web Development. Web Campaigns.

Interior Designer
In house (Clear Blue Day)

If you got the chance to take a walk in our offices you will notice some major differences to other agencies. We don’t have physical phones, all our phone calls are made through VOIP. If that doesn’t make you flinch you will notice that we all work in the same room on small desks – the small desks discourage people who love to over print useless stuff (there is just no room), the seating style allows us to interact with everyone daily and creates interesting battles over what’s played on the radio 🙂

On Friday nights you will no doubt find our people playing pool, foosball, poker or socialising around the bar area. We are not trying to be like anything we have seen around, we are simply trying to create an environment that suits our staff and who we are as an organisation.

The office as a whole is about creativity, providing brilliant work and having fun doing it, I think we find that balance.

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  1. Pete

    T clean, sleek look to this agency is very appealing. It looks very refreshing! The small tables are a nice idea too. Especially for keeping a tidy office and contributing to being eco-friendly – i.e. keeping wasted paper laying around to a minimum. I might consider this for my office!

  2. I’ve been there!

    Nice office. Coool.

  3. This is exactly what I aim to create for our studio one day. We are still a young company, so I might have to wait a while. Nothing like a creative environment in which to create.

  4. Aaron

    Wow very sleek. Who designed it? Is that Twister in one of the photos?

  5. Sarah

    That definitely does look like Twister. What a space!

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