Citizen Agency

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Agency Name
Citizen Agency, LLC

425 2nd St, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94107, America


Agency Contact
Tara Hunt / Co-Founder /
Chris Messina / Co-Founder

Agency Type
Consulting. Citizen Agency also works as a co-working environment.

Agency Specialties
Consulting. Co-Working Facilities.

Interior Designer
In house (Citizen Agency)

Our space operates as an open co-working space, meaning that we reserve part of our office for independents to come work out of our space as an alternative to a cafe or working from home. We also rent out desks for folks who want to leave stuff or come back regularly.

We are part of a growing movement to set up spaces such as ours around the world as refuges for independent Bedouin workers.

You can read more about the effort here:

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