For the best part of 2009 we were extremely busy putting together our very first book, working closely with HarperCollins Publishers (US) to bring the project to life.

It’s been a blast, but needless to say – we’re now really pleased to see the book hit the international shelves for you to enjoy.

Introducing ‘Where We Work – Creative Office Spaces’

Showcasing forty-five of the world’s most extravagant and inspiring work environments from internationally acclaimed and recognized agencies within the advertising, media and design industry, Where We Work explores how creative agencies transform lifeless commercial spaces into bastions of creativity, offering inspiring interiors and visual insight into the breadth and depth of each agency’s thinking. Spaces that not only inspire, but invite us to re-evaluate our lives from nine to five.

To complement the visual showcase of interior design, Where We Work provides an in-depth look at the direction and thought processes behind each agency’s work environment, giving important insight into current and future trends of creative office interior design from some of the world’s most creative companies.

Whether the concepts are personal, indulgent or simply well thought out, Where We Work showcases a variety of offices where the pursuit of imagination is the driving force.

Buy The Book

Buy the book now from the following major retailers:

Where We Work is sold in over 15 countries with new major and independent stockists being added on a regular basis. Please contact us for your local stockist.

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