Syzygy Deutschland GmbH

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Syzygy Deutschland GmbH / Im Atzelnest 3, 61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H. Germany


Words. Quoted from “Where We Work” (This Ain’t No Disco / HarperCollins)

It’s a known fact that people like to congregate around the kitchen table. There’s something magical about being seated all together, to laugh, talk, share, and exchange ideas. At Syzygy Deutschland GmbH in the Hamburg, Germany office, all nine employees literally sit around the same “desk” as they design and implement their strategic consulting and brand management campaigns. The Syzygy Hamburg site is part of the Syzygy Group with additional offices in London and Frankfurt, and in December 2008, the agency relocated to a circa-1900 building in Hamburg’s venerated town hall and “Binnenalster” area.

When considering the interior design of the historic building’s renovation for the Syzygy offices, Julian Hellenkamp of Eins:Eins Architekten listened to the agency’s principals and employees and their request to construct a “puzzle,” which essentially would allow every employee to sit inside a table, rather than at a table.

Hellenkamp devised a system of interchangeable desks that can be combined and reconfigured in a variety of ways, as he explains, “We developed furniture to allow every employee to sit “in” one desk. The single-desk units always result in a whole, even when they are moved around. This offers great flexibility that is inconceivable with traditional desks or workstations. It’s a constellation of workspace, and it makes furnishing odd-sized areas much easier.”

Dominik Lammer, Syzygy’s creative director, elaborates, “For the Hamburg office, we were inspired by a clean, minimalistic look. By combining this with Italian design elements and a hint of a retro color scheme, we aimed for a modern, stylish environment—while also keeping a focus on usability.

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