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zünpartners / 676 N. La Salle Drive, Suite #426, Chicago, Illinois 60654, USA


Contact. Bill Ferdinand / Creaive Director / bill.ferdinand@zunpartners.com

Words. The zünpartners branded environment is conceptualized through our brand language. This language is comprised of identity elements and stories. Our name — zünpartners — is one of those stories. It is derived from the German word zünden which means “to spark.” The spark represents the instant at which the solution to a problem becomes clear, an idea—and the point where the expression of that idea provokes an action which benefits our clients.

We tell this story through the use of the color orange. It represents the spark, concentrated in strength and used with purpose and repose. In contrast, the liberal use of white is the open space in which the spark expands.

Specialties. Branding

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  1. Is that a Mr Imagination? …very old school Chicago.

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