Digital Eskimo

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Digital Eskimo / Lvl 2, 44 Foster Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia

Contact. Dave Gravina / Founder & Creative Director /

Words. Digital Eskimo is a strategic design agency committed to projects that progress humanity towards a sustainable future. With a core competency in communication design, our work also includes a broad mix of innovation, strategy and research projects. Our vision is a world that is sustainably designed. With this in mind, we’ve designed our physical workspace to encourage communication, collaboration and openness for the eskimos, clients and visitors to the ‘Igloo’.

The interior design is informed by Digital Eskimo’s unique process – our agile methodology – accommodating innovation and scoping workshops and our iterative design & development methodologies. The open plan space increases the inclination for us to engage with each other with multiple breakout spaces for collaboration.

We post our work in progress on the walls to provide visual stimulation. Seeing our own work on display is a constant reminder of the project goals we’re working towards. We’ve used yellow (our brand colour and the colour of optimism) sparingly throughout to inspire us without overpowering the space with too much yellow energy. Our design library is highly visible at the entrance so it is referred to more often by the Eskimos.

We carefully consider the unique objects that fill our space and each has its own sustainable story. Workshop materials are stored in rescued Ansett airline trolleys and the meeting area is lit (on darker days) by salvaged dentist’s lamps. The rolls of scrap paper we use are offcuts from printers (available from Reverse Garbage) and we always have worm juice bottled up at the door ready to give away to visitors.

The area is flooded with natural sunlight and airflow and we have chosen bamboo flooring and tables as our material of choice in building the Igloo as it’s a very sustainable material, fast growing and with a high carbon sequestration rate. We have sealed the wood with natural oil and beeswax to negate the side effects of off-gassing from toxic synthetic products. Bamboo (which has an environmentally sound manufacturing process) has become a pillar of Digital Eskimo’s low-impact procurement policy.

Best of all, a four-seater (ecologically sourced!) lounge and cafe grade coffee machine keep us both relaxed and stimulated as we work.

Specialties. Flash. Graphic Design. Innovation. Interactive Campaigns. Market Research. Packaging. Print. Usability. User Experience. Viral Marketing. Web Campaigns. Web Design. Wed Development

Interior. Kate Hogan

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