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LPK / LPK Campus, 19, 22, 30 Garfield Place, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA


Contact. lpk_marketing@lpk.com

Words. The Cincinnati campus of employee-owned design firm LPK is comprised of four buildings on Garfield Place in downtown Cincinnati. Situated alongside the city’s tree-lined Piatt Park, the campus serves as an urban retreat amid the city’s hustle. With Wi-Fi access and a weekly summer concert series, the park is both a gathering spot and alternative workspace.

LPK moved to Garfield Place in 1991, occupying just the fifth floor of the building at number 19. Growing over the course of the proceeding 16 years, LPK expanded into all eight of the building’s stories. The open floor plans empower employees to customize their own work environments, and vibrant color schemes bring light and life into the neo-gothic building.

Workspaces are organized around creative units (CUs), focused on areas such as product design, food and beauty, with different CUs occupying their own floors of the building. Each has a unique aesthetic, contributing to an eclectic atmosphere. All CUs include centralized workplaces for employees to gather informally, allowing for creative collaboration in comfortable environments.

In 2005, LPK purchased two conjoined buildings at 22 Garfield, an 1860s Renaissance Revival mansion and a modern, “New Brutalist” building that had previously served as a recreation center. These buildings became LPK’s Brand Innovation Center (BIC), a gathering space that provides a mixture of intimate rooms and large open spaces, accommodating employee and client groups of all sizes.

Further expansion came in 2007, when LPK’s kid-focused creative unit moved from 19 Garfield across the park and into the building located at 22 Garfield. This move, along with the opening of the BIC, created a true campus environment for LPK’s employees, clients and neighbors to enjoy.

Specialties. Animation. Branding. Consultancy. Corporate Design. Direct Mail. Graphic Design. Industrial Design. Innovation. Interface Design. Motion Design. Packaging. Print. Product Design. Retail Design. Strategy. Web Design. Trend Analysis and Forecasting

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