DK Design Studio

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DK Design Studio / 2121 Peralta Street, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

Contact. Darilyn Kotzenberg / President & CD /

Words. “Beauty is good for the soul.” ~ We borrowed that quote from a new client because, as it applies to all situations, we’ve found that it especially rings true in a creative studio. If you have an inspirational working environment creativity thrives.

And on that note, we also have an office in Tahoe that we are currently remodeling to become the “little green tahoe house”. The goal is to transform it into a creative work/home combo and an inspirational retreat that is as sustainable and green as possible.

Watch this space.

Specialties. Branding. Direct Mail. eMarketing. Graphic Design. Packaging. Photography. Print. Web Design

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  1. jen kurzon

    love your space. Would give you top marks for design.

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