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PlayLab / 56 South 11th St, #4-7, Brooklyn, New York 11211, USA


Specialties. Consultancy. Innovation

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  1. Henrik

    I am just curious, how can bureau like this survive with such poor portfolio and quite a few serious projects?
    The studio is great though excpet for the tables which looks a bit too small…

  2. Henrik


    Where is my comment I made earlier? This is really bad, you cannot just delete comments, especially since it wasn’t offensive or anything…

  3. HENRIK,

    Would you mind if we have a look at your work?

    The Office of PlayLab, Inc.

  4. Henrik

    Sorry, I don’t mean to be offensive.
    I don’t thinkt hat the projects are poorly made, on the contrary. It’s just that there isn’t that much. I am just curoius of where you make your money.

  5. Just because they don’t document all of their portfolio online doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of it, HENRIK. 😉

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