Meet at the Apartment

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Meet at the Apartment / 101 Crosby street. New York NY 10012, USA

Contact. Sara Schiller / President/

Words. If ever there was an industry in need of a ground-breaking idea, it is meetings. Often deemed mind-numbingly boring, they’re the ugly stepsister of event planning. But in the hands of visionaries Sara and Marc Schiller, they have been entirely reinvented and infused with unmistakable energy, creativity and a refreshingly offbeat SoHo sensibility. Their brainchild is Meet at the Apartment, a revolutionary new approach to meetings that comes to life in the heart of SoHo on cobblestoned Crosby St. in New York City. Such a departure is Meet that media bloggers are already calling it “a place that will make you feel cooler than you really are.”

“From creativity springs breakthrough ideas,” says Meet’s co-founder Marc Schiller. “We’ve done away with beige walls and big conference room tables and replaced them with settings that are designed to inspire. Whether you have a need to brainstorm with your team, pitch an idea to a potential client, launch a new product or host a high-level corporate board meeting, Meet is optimized for success.”

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Interior. The Apartment

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  1. Joe

    Is this even an office?

    The wallpaper is dizzying. Wow. That first photo is beautiful, but you should have stuck w/ one feature wall, wow.

  2. Nik

    Amazing place. I’m hiring it for a Tuesday afternoon in January, who wants to meet me there?

  3. Nik

    P.s. I forgot to say the wallpaper is by DED and is called Paper Voyeur.

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