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Cloverleaf Innovation, LLC / 614c Dempster Street, Evanston, IL 60202 USA

Contact. John A. Edelmann / Owner,Principle /

Words. The building site was a former 100-year old retail florist, Fischer Brothers Florist Inc., that had closed several years ago. The focal point of the space was a commercial greenhouse – nearly a city block long – which we immediately imagined as an amazing innovation space. However, it was in disrepair, to say the least. Nearly every window was broken and pigeons were roosting throughout the edifice. Graffiti marked nearly every wall and garbage was strewn throughout. But, through the mess, we knew instantly that this was gong to be the future headquarters of Cloverleaf Innovation, LLC. After securing the space, we went to work on revitalizing it…with the help of Buckingham Interiors.

Our office portrays the kind of environment we believe is condusive to the creative and strategic innovation process. While many of our Envision workshops are held at dynamic locations around the world, we frequently hold workshops at our facilities as well. As one client puts it, “Our team truly appreciates Cloverleaf’s casual, comfortable and inspired environs that are highly flexible and interactive. The Cloverleaf ‘greenhouse’ is like a spa day for business executives. You walk in and feel relaxed and comfortable, but it’s balanced with a hipness and creativity that inspires great thinking. In that way, the space itself is a perfect reflection the organization.”

Specialties. Innovation

Interior. Buckingham Interiors & Design

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  1. Lucy

    Great work on the rennovation John. A great example of regeneration. I like the chairs in the boardroom. They look comfy!

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