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Kult / 11d Mount Sophia, #01-21, Singapore 228468


Contact. alvin@kult.com.sg

Words. Kult is a radical boutique agency with daring unconventional solutions that defy traditional advertising and the standard communications plans.

Specialties. Advertising. Customer Engagement.

Interior. Farm Singapore

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  1. thisaintnodisco

    Alvin, this is a pretty ‘out there’ and highly creative interior design. What was the inspiration behind the theme? And how does this interior help to spark an efficient / creative work environment?

  2. alvin

    THANKS for inviting us to be here! we really wanted our agency to be involved in all sorts of experimental stuff, so when the interior guys talked about creating a lab environment, it was spot on! Great spaces always help to somehow inspire better thinking – we even have a monthly rotating art exhibition in our gallery that gets other creative types to infuse their thinking and that inspires us through more collaborative efforts to expand our thought processes! Drop by and chk us out.

  3. Loop Design

    Wow. Pretty cool offices Alvin. I bet you enjoy going to work 🙂

  4. Helen

    I love the blue room. It’s a beautiful, calming shade of blue. I would spend a lot of time in there, thinking! The main light facia is pretty amazing too. Well done. Great space.

  5. Tek

    Great entry Disco! I would love to hear from some of the people who work there though. Does it feel like working in any other office? Do you see the test tubes and conical flasks (wow that takes me back?) just like any other office ‘ornament’. Or does it really give off the essence of a lab?

  6. Well, I do work there. It truly doesn’t feel like working at all!

    It’s a great place to be working. It’s very peaceful and experimental. A neat office space for the innovative ideas.

    My favorite spot will be the steel basin that we put some design and interactive books. Try spotting that in the pictures above. 😉

    Oh did I mention how nice and calm the environment is? 😀

  7. Tek

    The steel basin? To the left by the window in the first photo? 🙂 Does that sink not work?

    So what goes in the blue rooms (photos 3&4). They look unfurnished? Do you use them for brainstorming etc or are they still to be filled?

  8. Sweet use of space. Who was the interior designer?

  9. Typical creative.. looking at the pretty pictures and not reading the fine print …… Farmwork, Singapore, great interior outfit.

  10. Looks futuristic, and BRIGHT!
    Too bright for me. I like working in the dark.

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