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Burnkit / 100-395 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC V6A1C4, Canada


Contact. Josh Dunford / Janitor,Directorn / josh@burnkit.com

Words. Set your ideas on fire.

Specialties. Advertising. Branding. Corporate Design. Graphic Design. IA. Interactive Campaigns. Interface Design. Print. Web Campaigns. Web Design

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  1. thisaintnodisco

    Josh, this a fantastic space with some fairly unique and bold features. Can you tell us a little about your inspiration for the style of the work environment? And what really does go on in those storage containers?! 🙂

  2. Janitor

    It’s an old (for the west coast) space with a varied past – photographer Jeff Wall was shooting for a year before we moved in and it was a welding shop and munitions production facility previous to Mr. Wall. The ceilings are solidly comprised of hand-nailed 2″x8″ Fir boards. Really solid.

    The shipping container is a nod to modularity and the container port at the foot of Dunlevy (half block to the north) and it holds servers and other technology up top (and a DJ at our annual party) while the lower half (I bought a 20′ can and cut it in half) is storage, kitchen, printers and beer.

    The idea for the space is to contribute to the discipline of collaboration. The desks are set up so we can communicate freely (no corner offices here) and the two rolling walls hold written and visual concepts for peer review. This internal review is critical to our process as projects require smaller teams for specific stages – the walls allow everyone to contribute feedback whether they are intimate with the project or not.

    Each member of the team has a tool chest for their personal supplies and inspiration. Much of the furniture in our space was manufactured by our client Bensen (www.bensen.ca) on Railway Street directly behind the studio, and the flexible paper wall that (somewhat) separates our boardroom is another sweet Vancouver design piece created by our friends at Molo Design.

    In short, the containers hold ideas (good and bad) and beer. There’s something to be said about great landlords (two of them, importing rare furniture and roasting coffee) who let you be creative. They’re a rare breed.

  3. Best thing i ever seen.

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