Electric Artists

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Electric Artists / 42 Bond Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012, USA


Contact. Marc Schiller / Founder, CEO / marc@electricartsits.com

Words. With our new studio at 42 Bond Street in Noho, our intention was to use architecture and design to reflect the dual nature of our company that is on the cusp of art and commerce. The juxtaposition of art pieces by contemporary artists such as Ryan McGinley and Jill Greenberg next to one off pieces like the Simmer Down Sprinter arcade game reflects our core culture and open mindset.

In designing this space, we wanted the ability to dress up and dress down our loft to transform it from a work-space by day to a creative salon by night. The use of white and blue fabric adds dimensions, substance and elegance to our loft, without losing the natural light and open-atmosphere.

Specialties. Digital Brand Management. Creative Ideas. Strategic Web 2.0 Direction. Digital Marketing and Promotions. Innovation Consultancy. Custom Publishing.

Architects. The Apartment (Stefan Boubil)

Interior. The Apartment (Stefan Boubil)

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