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nclud / 1808 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA

Specialties. Unique, stylish and usable designs for the web

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  1. Alex

    Love the old brick work. And those chairs look super comfy! Where are they from? I love the high backs..

  2. @Alex, yeah, something about that older exposed brick look that really brings it to life; that is the original brick, about 105 years old.

    The chairs are actually from Ikea … it is the high backs that sold us as well, and they have this sort of pillow/cushion at the top that really adds to making it a great shit up straight and work and lean back and put your feet up sort of chair.

  3. HA HA … that would be “sit up straight” not “shit up straight” — I love the iPhone auto-complete; killing me here!

  4. michael stearns

    LOL i thought for a second “shit up straight” was some kind of sweet new interweb term i had yet to adopt. i think i’m adding it to my repetoir anyway.

    and thanks for the totally depressing pictures. i’m passing this around to all my fellow shoebox-with-poor-ventilation-and-no-windows coworkers. time to update that resume…

  5. @Martin too funny dude

  6. Eva

    Super cool! Love the framed little monsters on the wall 🙂

    but now, my office isn’t so cool anymore. ::sigh::

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