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Blackbeltmonkey / Heinrichstrasse 11 22769 Hamburg, Germany


Contact. Mike John Otto / Creative Director /

Words. Blackbeltmonkey, digital advertising agency is a Design studio and advertising agency for digital brands. Come and visit us!

Specialties. Digital Branding. Digital Advertising (microsites and digital campaigns)

Interior. Blackbeltmonkey

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  1. jd

    Can anyone tell me about the molded plastic chairs? Who makes them?

  2. thats an old IKEA edition.


  3. CZ

    the molded plastic chairs are not an old IKEA edition…but a lot of the rest is…

    good example of bad interior setup!

  4. nice low-budget thing..i like
    reminds me on my early study days to be honest..but who cares
    i think bad taste is something cool in hamburg or berlin
    so don´t let your clients know 🙂

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