Tangible Worldwide

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Tangible Worldwide / 841 W Randolph, Chicago, IL 60607, America


Contact. Merrick / President/Creative Director / info@tangibleworldwide.com

Words. Complete gutting and buildout. We wanted to infuse modern architecture into an old, loft-like building. Original details like the elevator pullies (not to mention the elevator shafts), work floors and hidden lofts were left untouched, while the modern additions were meant to look like they “landed” their or were forced into the space. Highlighted by back lit bars and reception area, the lower level has the vibe of a spa or swank lounge, while upstairs is purely utilitarian and open for collaborations.

Phase I of construction complete, and we’re starting Phase II soon.

Specialties. Integrated, lifestyle Communications

Architect. Product Architects

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  1. The only thing i really have to critique is the feature light wall in the reception. Any time i can see the lamping through a wall that is meant to “glow” i cringe. Should have forked over the extra money to get LED.

  2. Charles Kelly

    Designers or battery hens?

  3. Sprita: You can’t see the lights in person — it’s a byproduct of florescents + quick photography. It’s the exact same lighting that is behind the bar, and you can’t see those strips. And we didn’t go LED for reasons of time — lead time was weeks and we had days — and because we’ve had a light burn out already, we’ve started to reconsider LED.

    Charles: Despite how it might look, the desk spaces are bigger than standard cubicles, and the wall is made entirely of cork, so it’s fully functional for hanging. We are also considering building movable dividers that can roll to each side when people desire more privacy, but you’d be surprised how little sound travels in the pit. It’s also fully modular, allowing us to piece together teams as needed. We call it collaboration. A lot of agencies haven’t heard of such a thing 🙂

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