Soap Creative

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Agency Name
Soap Creative

406, 22 Mountain St, Ultimo, NSW 2007, Sydney, Australia


Agency Contact
Ashley Ringrose / Director /

Agency Type

Agency Specialties
Strategy. Planning. Web Campaigns. Web Design. Game Development. Animation. Flash. Web Development. Web Hosting. Usability. IA.

Interior Designer
Alysha Peacock

Before it was soap-a-fied, the space was your typical naff corporate office space, the carpet was very blue. When we first starting planning the fit-out, the Soap crew was 12 people I think. We were growing rapidly so we worked closely with Alysha and Irena Bakulic (project manager) to squeeze the most out of the space while keeping the aesthetics nice and tasty. The space now accommodates 19 staff members comfortably, which we have just recently filled.

The deck was the big clincher when acquiring the office. It serves us well for parties and our Friday BBQ’s.

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  1. Wow – you’re just up the road from us. We’re in Harris St.

    Come down for coffee!


  2. leah

    Your office looks awesome!. great job

  3. vos broekema

    Your office looks like a factory. Where’s the (real) creativity???

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